You need to understand the importance of choosing the right domain name for your website but most importantly, be able to select the right website address. To build a personal website identity, you must start by registering your domain name. And while on the verge of getting through this registration process, you definitely need to register this domain under one of the most reliable and reputable service provider. Apart from their reliability and reputation, consider their price rates to be sure you are comfortable with it. Choosing who to work with can be quite a task since the choice you make will determine a lot of factors.  Here are a number of benefits you get from choosing a reliable domain registrar.

Attractive Prices

One of the benefits that come with closing deals with a reliable firm is that you shall enjoy their attractive prices.  Such companies have a characteristic of offering prices that are up for grabs in the market. They sell their domain at a manageable price. Not only do such companies have fair prices for these services, they still offer discounts on each and every domain they sell to you. This is a reason enough to go for a reputable firm.

Full Domain Control

A reliable company will be in a position to give you full control of the domain. This means that you shall be in a position to transfer or renew your domain name without having to go through a lot of trouble. They shall give you all the details you need to know such as the details you need to state in WHOIS database. With this information, you shall be able to transfer ownership at any time. With the WHOIS private feature, you can make your details private from public.


Experience and a Good User Interface

A reliable domain register will have a good user interface and most important a sufficient knowledge base. With a good interface, you won’t go through a lot of trouble trying to locate your DNS while on the process of changing the IP address. Make sure you look thoroughly through the homepage to know how easy it is to use it. Moreover, if they are reliable, their home page shall be equipped with explanations and guidelines on whatever information you need to have.

Reliable Client Support Service

By choosing the right firm, you are assured of getting the most proficient customer support service. You may require their customer support in many situations. If they are reliable, it means they have an email, chat and phone support in full operation all day and night.  This way, your problems will be addressed at any time.  Furthermore, a reliable firm shall provide their support service in more than a single possible way.

ICANN Accredited Registrar Company

Registration through this board is proof enough that the firm in question is valid and reliable enough to be trusted.  A company that is ICANN accredited conforms to the rules and regulations imposed by the board. As their client, you are sure that at no point in time shall you lose your domain. Moreover, you shall be treated with the respect you deserve since you are their client.

Easy Registration Process


With an unreliable firm, you will go through a lot of hassle before finally registering with them. However, with a reliable company, the entire registration process will be very easy and fast. The process will be as simple as filing the registration forms, choose the domain that you like and close the process by placing the order and paying. Doing the same with an unreliable company can be a bit different and difficult since there are a lot of complicated processes involved.

Wide Domain Choices

Among the benefits of signing with a reliable domain registrar is that you shall have a wide option of domains to choose from. Furthermore, the domains they have are universal and most important top level. They have domains such as .COM, .ORG, .NET. And also those that are specific to a country such as .KE, .UK. IN and more. Whether you are aiming to deal with local or international clients, you can be sure that the firm in question shall keep you on check.






Building a website requires a domain name and in so choosing that name, it is imperative to consider its type and the domain register from which the domain will be acquired. To begin with, it is important to understand what a domain name is. This is the name of the business website or URL that uses the HTTP or HTTPS. They can be purchased by going to a domain names registrar at a fee that ranges from $10 to $50 per year depending on the extension.

  1. Generating a business name

A good site name should be both easy to remember for customers and related to what the business is dealing with and is recommended that it be similar to the business name. Consider the following approaches.

  • Generic Domains

Finding a good domain name is a very tricky and compelling exercise since one may find that most of the probable names have already been registered. However, you can help to come up with generic names that can give consumers or users a clue as to what kind of products or services a business is dealing with since they are easier to recall than made up names. Also it can help the business to be found very easily on search engines.

  • Made up names

If a business does not use a generic name, it can also come up with a name that is good even though it does not relate to the business products. It should consider using the domain registration WHOIS application to come up with more ideas.

  • Research for Trade mark and Identity Conflicts

It is important to check if the business name being registered may infringe on another business name or rights so as to avoid unnecessary legal hurdles. One may also search for trademarks that clash.

  • Consider Domain Length

The most excellent names are those that can easily be remembered by people and are easy to relay to someone orally through a conversation. It should also be easy to enter into a search engine.

  • Name and hosting

In order for a registered business name to appear on the internet, the business data will have to be uploaded to a server contained by a hosting company. Hosting charges vary monthly or yearly considering the type of server needed, bandwidth and space required. It is advisable to buy domain and put up a hosting in the same address.

  1. Choosing an appropriate domain register: Factors to consider

  • Understand all fees and charges

During registration it is important always never to assume that some services offered by the registrar are a bonus .There is nothing like ‘free lunch’ and even the lowly charging registrars have hidden future plans to recover their money. It is important to set records straight at the time of registration before creating a contract.

  • Duration of operation

Always consider a registrar that pays the registry for an equivalent number of years or time duration for which you had initially planned and not for an additional time plan that is unexplained. Also consider the possibility of the registrar going out of business.

  • Access to site information

A good registrar is one that gives you absolute access to the websites WHOIS records and registrar details, authorization codes and other DNS paraphernalia such as name servers and host name details.

  • Privacy

 Choose a registrar with a reputable privacy history .This is one who values website privacy and additionally offers the WHOIS email privacy service that protects information not meant for third parties.

  • Domain Transfer

Consider registrars that allows for the transfers of the domain name from one service hosting to another. In some instances, its free while in others there are charges.

  • Contract particulars

A domain name is never the businesses or the individuals for eternity and the registrar has the power to make certain changes if they deem them fit without consulting the client. For instance revoking the name if used for illegal activity such as spamming. It is imperative to agree on this policy before committing with the registrar.



All the above illustrated factors to consider when choosing a domain register can be offered by registrars. It is recommended to consider an ethical one that values business or client opinions before acting on any kind of decision that might compromise on their integrity. It is important to do extensive research to find out which of them fits this descri